Monday, October 4, 2010

Sea World Reward Trip

Kelsey had a really good first month (5 weeks) on her potty chart. Her reward for earning at least 25 out of 35 stars was a trip to Sea World. So the weekend after the wedding we planned a trip up there. Lou met us at my sister's house when he got in from Puerto Rico and we drove to the hotel. Luckily with Lou's status we got upgraded for free to a suite!! We spent Sunday at Sea World and Lou took Kelsey in the pool as well. On Monday we drove to downtown Disney for a bit and walked around and let Kelsey play at the Lego area.

We got a free coupon to play the frog game.

In the stroller like a big girl

Lou & Kelsey climbing through a tunnel

Lou & Kelsy up above in the net can get lost in there

We didn't have a bumbo seat or a bouncy seat, so Lou used the suitcase to put Kaylee down smart!

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