Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grampa McDonald's Birthday

It was my dad's birthday yesterday and my sister Cindy came down with her entire entourage (Uncle Chris, the 4 boys and her belly due in 2 weeks). This was the first time Aunt Cindy and her family were getting to meet little Ms. Kaylee. She tried to get down here a few times, but something has always come up with her pregnancy, so I was very excited that she would get to meet Kaylee before her own little girl arrives.

Kelsey had a great time with her cousins. She played alone for a while (which she likes to do), but eventually warmed up enough to join them in their fun. While the older boys were outside playing baseball, she wanted to go and chose a volleyball out of the garage to use as a soccer ball. She then got to go out on the dock and fish with Grampa and the boys as well. Grampa had bought some live shrimp and had that on 2 poles and then had a plastic worm on a 3rd pole which he would cast out and let the kids take turns reeling in. Nothing was biting so we all made our way in to feed the kids dinner. Towards the end of dinner, Grampa went out and found a fish on one of the lines. He had to maneuver it in since it had gotten round one of the pilings. He then called the boys out and they got to reel the fish in. As I was bringing Kelsey out he threw the line back in the water again and let her "catch" her first fish as well. She was in heaven...but a little scared of the fish when I asked her to sit down and take a picture with grampa.

We had a great day which ended with Kelsey joining the boys in a "dance, dance, everybody let's dance, dance" (a song Gramma made up when Brian was younger where the kids just dance like crazy). Fun was had by all and I think my dad had a wonderful birthday.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Building Tents

Lately Kelsey and Daddy have really been enjoying building tents together. They either use blankets from around the house, or they go in her giraffe tent and pretend they are hiding from the monster (ie, me) She even got her nanny/babysitter Emme to go in her tent downstairs that is broken and hang out. At Gma/Gpa McDonalds this past weekend, she and daddy built another tent. I'm glad she has so much fun with her daddy.

Tea for Two...

Kelsey has really been enjoying "cooking" in her kitchen lately and having tea parties. Yesterday morning I needed to get her downstairs for breakfast but she wanted to stay upstairs and have a tea party. I asked her if she wanted to have a real tea party downstairs with mommy. She was so excited. I let her pick out a flavor from my decaf box, she chose cinnamon vanilla. I cheated and made it in the microwave to be faster. I put a little in a real mug (it was a UF one so if it broke it didn't bother me, and I figured Lou would never notice..LOL) with an ice cube to cool it down a little. She told me the mug was glass and breakable so she had to use 2 hands and be careful. She cautiously took a sip the first time and then said it was very good and drank some more. She then asked me why I didn't have a teapot like she did upstairs. I showed her my teapot and how it has a top just like hers. Next time I will make her tea using the teapot. This could be fun.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kaylee is 2 months

Kaylee had her 2 month checkup on Monday. She is 12 pounds, which puts her in the 75 percentile and 22 inches, which put her just below the 50th percentile. Dr. Chiong says he thinks her length will catch up, but if not she will just be average. I don't have her head measurement b/c the nurse took it wrong and when Dr. C showed me the stats on his computer he said either her head is shrinking or the nurse didn't measure right. I'm going with choice #2 since I saw the tape measurer sliding up her forehead as the nurse was trying to read it. She got some shots in her legs which she did NOT like. In fact Monday night was no fun at all. She would be content and then just scream out of nowhere. Poor baby.

2 months in and life is getting much better. We still don't have a schedule per say, but almost every afternoon she takes a 3-4 hour nap on her belly (I'm right there with her), during Kelsy's nap so this works out great for me. I've been trying to get a few naps in too and just trying to enjoy a little downtime. Evenings are still hit or miss, but she has been going between 4-8 hours when we put her down to bed. She also has been taking a morning nap as well.

She has started smiling and cooing and laughing. All of those things are wonderful and make life good, scratch that, great. It totally makes up for the crying times. I love to sit with my knees up and have her sit on my belly with her back to me knees and just make her giggle and smile. When she does her cute dimple shows fully.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Watermelon Yumminess!

Kelsey loves watermelon, and they are so ripe, sweet and delicious this time of year. I always cut it up into chunks for her. Then I had the realization, that she is probably old enough to eat it off of the rind. All of my memories growing up as a kid are eating it this way. Why does it take me so long to realize she is not a baby still? Anyways..she totally enjoyed it! Especially after a long swim in the pool with daddy.

Big Girl Bed...

I have been dreading (fearing and postponing) putting Kelsey in her big girl bed. The original plan was I would start putting her in there for naps. Yeah, that has not happened because I KNOW she will nap in her crib and can't get out. With Kaylee being 7 weeks old, the time is coming closer and closer to when she is going to need to be in the crib and Kelsey out. Lou came up with a great plan, we would start putting her in for bedtime and then after a while (prob 2 weeks) move her nap to there as well. So, Sunday night, after a very very late dinner I brought Kelsey upstairs around 8:40 to start getting ready for bed. I had already told her about how she was getting a big treat tonight by sleeping in her big girl bed and we were so excited for her. When I put her in the bed under the covers I told her she was not allowed to get off of the bed or to pull the butterflies off of the wall (she did this one day when we put her in there for a nap before Kaylee was born). Daddy came up to read stories and finish the bedtime routine.

I went to check on her at one point and she was laying down snuggled under the covers and she said in a very quiet voice "I'm sorry I got out of bed mommy" She had gotten out earlier I guess to get the extra pillows I had thrown on the floor. She was asleep probably around 10ish, not too bad. In the picture she is passed out sideways on her bed.

In the morning I heard her at 7 say "it's not nighttime anymore" I delayed going to get her because I had Kaylee in my arms and Lou was dead asleep next to me. When I was able to transfer Kaylee and go see Kelsey, she had the lights on in her room, the bathroom and was running around butt naked. She had taken herself to the potty and was ready to get dressed. I got her to snuggle with me in her bed and I told her I didn't want her getting out of bed in the morning without Lou or I coming to get her. She obviously listened because today she waited for me to come get her.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kaylee's 1st dip

Since we were taking Kelsey in the pool, and Kaylee was awake, I went up and searched for a suit for her. I knew someone had given us a cute little swimsuit and I was right! I just put her in it in her diaper, since I don't think they make swim diapers that small. For the most part I think she enjoyed it...she fussed a little, but that's normal.