Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tea for Two...

Kelsey has really been enjoying "cooking" in her kitchen lately and having tea parties. Yesterday morning I needed to get her downstairs for breakfast but she wanted to stay upstairs and have a tea party. I asked her if she wanted to have a real tea party downstairs with mommy. She was so excited. I let her pick out a flavor from my decaf box, she chose cinnamon vanilla. I cheated and made it in the microwave to be faster. I put a little in a real mug (it was a UF one so if it broke it didn't bother me, and I figured Lou would never notice..LOL) with an ice cube to cool it down a little. She told me the mug was glass and breakable so she had to use 2 hands and be careful. She cautiously took a sip the first time and then said it was very good and drank some more. She then asked me why I didn't have a teapot like she did upstairs. I showed her my teapot and how it has a top just like hers. Next time I will make her tea using the teapot. This could be fun.

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