Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Cutting a Rug"

I wish cutting a tooth was as much fun as cutting a rug! For the past couple weeks I've been peering in Kaylee's mouth trying to see if she has any teeth coming in (Kelsey got her first one at 6 months). Last week I thought it looked white, but who knows. The past few days she has been uncharacteristically fussy at bedtime. Today as I was bringing her up for nap I happened to put my finger in her mouth and low and behold I felt ridges of the tooth broken through. That explains alot.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bits & Pieces

(turn your volume up as she is very quiet!! Remember if yu got ths in an email you need to go to the actual blog to watch the video and press the triangle to play)

Kelsey loves her baby sister!!
She actually did this on her own the first time, I then had to prompt her though to get it on camera.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kaylee's 1st Disney Trip

How funny that Kelsey's first trip was on my 30th b-day (avoiding growing up) and Kaylee's first trip was on my 33rd. Lou had a convention in Orlando so the girls and I joined him for the weekend and ended it with Sunday at Disney. It was quite chilly, luckily I had looked up the weather before packing for th girls. Lou left before us and did not see the weather. Luckily he had slacks and a windbreaker in his car. The afternoon warme up nicely when the sun was shining bright. Kaylee was very good, swapping time between the double stroller and the Beco, which daddy wore alot. We took her on Buzz Light Year, Pooh, Dumbo, Alladin's Carpet Ride, and the Jungle Cruise. She was very alert and seemed to like all of the colors and music in "it's a small world" as well.

We watched a show in front of the casle and then caught a street  parade by chance and it was so much fun. Just a few charaters on floats but then it became a street dance party. I took Kesley in the street and she was shaking her goove thang. After it was over we decided to leave since it was getting cold again, plus we still needed to eat dinner and then we had to drive home in 2 seperate cars (no fun).

All of us on Buzz..Kelsey was a little scared this time.
We lucked out and met Mickey and Minnie after not a long wait at all
Naptime...she took 2 pretty good naps in the Beco
Kelsey was also a little scared on Pooh

Daddy & his girls posing on Dumbo
Castle Shot
I finally got to ride on a horse on the carousel with kelsey
It's a Small World
Waiting for Daddy & Kelsey while they ride Goofy's Barnstormer
All of us on the magic carpet ride
So cute...she insisted on holding my hand on the carousel

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Eagle

Whether you ask me or Lou, we will both tell you our girls bleed Orange and Blue. This year it's definitely Orange and Navy Blue. Kelsey was so cute all season saying Waaaar Eagle and Go AUburn and shaking my AU shakers. The girls supported AUburn as they won the National Championships
I made their shirts!

Monday, January 10, 2011

She's crawling....

She's been pushing herself forward across the floor since Friday afternoon. I got a quick video today. But she was so fast, that I only caught the end. Oh mommy is so not happy....I was hoping I had a little while longer.  :-)
Those of you who receive emails, you will need to go to the blog to see the video. Click the triangle to play

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Sounds....

Kaylee has been "talking" more and more. She definitely has the mamamama sounds down and hahahaha. Lou and Kelsey both swear she said dada on New Years Eve, so I guess she has the dadada sound down as well.

At dinner one night in December, she was in her exersaucer chatting away and Lou started saying dadadadada at her, while I countered with mamamama and then Kelsey chimed in with kelseykelseykelseykelsey...hmmmm I hate to break it to Kels that her name will be a ways off. She'll prob be kakakaka before anything else. (Just like her Aunt Kaka)

Snow Day....

Yesterday on the way to school it was a very gray and gloomy FL day. As we were driving Kelsey says "Mommy it's going to snow so school is going to be canceled today".

Stifling my laughter up front I replied "Sweetie, we live in FL, it does not snow here. So school is not going to be canceled"

To which she replied "But Mommy (she loves to start sentences like that)...in Virginia it snows"

I'm still trying to figure out how she knows school gets canceled in Virginia when it snows??

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kaylee's Birth Announcement

Better late than never.....
A huge thanks to my sister, Cindy, who utilized her photo program skills and created these for us.

Good Friends

We had a unexpected voicemail today from good friends, Chris & Michelle Lavoro, who we haven't seen in a very long time. They were going to be camping at Jonathan Dickinson Park for the night and asked us to come down if we weren't busy. After errands (ie getting ears pierced) and putting the girls down for a nap and Gma & Gpa McD's, we packed up the girls and made the drive to hang out. We had a great time seeing them. We cooked some food, toasted some marshmallows and Chris even played some music for us (Kelsey enjoyed dancing to that). They had undecorated their tree yesterday and chopped it up and brought it for the fire, cool idea. Definitely wish we lived closer and lives weren't so busy. This is the first time they got to meet Kaylee, who by the way was very good!!!

Pierced Ears....

This is something we had planned on doing with Kelsey when she was a baby. We even bought her shamrock earrings while we were in Ireland when I was 5 months pregnant with her. The Dr's office wouldn't do it until she was 6 months and by that time we felt she was pulling on her ears too much. It just kept being put off and now she is 3. We've been talking about it and she has been asking for it, so today we took the girls to the mall. (Does anyone out there realize how expensive it is...it was gonna be $90 at the Dr's office for both and was $77 at Claire's. Holy Cow!!!) We chose little CZ white gold studs for both the girls. We were going to let Kelsey choose hers, but I had to steer her away from the hello kitty ones. I told her which one we were going to use for Kaylee and asked if she wanted the same or wanted to choose a different one. She said she wanted the same.


She was a little nervous. I knelt down in front of her and held her hands. They had 2 people piercing so they could do both of her ears at the same time (smart people). She was NOT happy after. She cried for a couple minutes and did her screaming too. Great, now Kaylee was next. Kaylee sat in my lap and was pretty good. I did have to hold her head against my chest so she wouldn't end up with crooked holes. The girl was pretty quick. Kaylee cried for maybe a minute, but then calmed down, found her fingers and was fine. Kelsey was now asking us to take out her ear piercings. :-) By the end of the day she was fine with them. I wish we had done hers when she was little.