Friday, December 31, 2010

Waving Hi Video

(Sorry the video is sideways. I don't have sofware to edit it.)

Kaylee loves to wave and she has the cutest little wave. She started doing this around 7 months

New Year's Eve Day...

It was a beautiful day, especially after all of our freezing cold weather here in FL. (Nights were in the 30s and sometimes a windchill of 19...Yikes!) Lou was busy finishing up the gate we had installed, so I brought a blanket out and played with the girl out by the swing set (in our oh so dead grass).

Kaylee was eyeing Kelsey's apple during lunch so I decided to get her mesh food holder out and put an apple slice in it. She definitely did not understand the concept...Kelsey even came over and tried to "teach" her. She enjoyed chewing on the handle though.

Eventually Lou came out and joined us. Kelsey decided she could push her toy stroller on the dead grass, but soon realized that wouldn't work and carried it out to where we were.

The girls were in bed and asleep by 8 and Lou and I enjoyed a wonderful meal and were both asleep before the ball dropped. I did wake up to the countdown, so I still got my midnight kiss. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2011 here at the Roselli house.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Spanish it means...

(A little background since I have slacked on my posts...Kelsey has been to Puerto Rico with us 3 times in the past year. We talk about spanish words, and got her some spanish puzzle cards and obviously she watches Dora and Diego so that helps)

Kelsey was quietly drawing on the floor and it turns out she was practicing writing letters and words. When she brought the paper to show me I was very proud. She had spelled POP and TOP and then she had written OTO. I told her OTO was not a word, but that she had drawn the letters very well and how proud of her I was for her letters. That is when she looked me dead in the eye and said matter-of-factly  "Mommy OTO means cut in Spanish."

We catch her all the time "speaking" a different language. I think since she doesn't understand alot of spanish, when she hears people speak it she thinks they must just be making things up.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Caught Red Handed

I sat Kaylee down on the rug with some toys while I was finishing making dinner. She rolled onto the floor and somehow manuevered (she's not crawling yet) herself a few feet over to the tree. I caught her trying to pull on the bows and ribbon on her gifts (by luck).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letters to Santa...

Kelsey just recently told us what she wants from Santa. Last night she made a wish on a star for what she wanted..."I wish I may I wish I might have my wish tonight (she doesn't remember the whole thing)..I wish Santa would bring my a Ladybug Pillow Pet" SO we told her we needed to write a letter and put it n the mailbox to let Santa know. We told her it was magic and it would automatically go to Santa's mailbox. I had her sit in my lap and we wrote her letter. I let her do most of the letters, but helped on the harder ones. Her letter said:

  I have been good. Please Bring me a pillow pet.

We then gave it a kiss and put it in the mailbox.

After he was already in bed she asked if her letter had gone yet. We hurried downstairs and outside for her to check the mailbox. She was sooooooo excited when she opened up the mailbox and it was empty. "Mommy, my letter is gone. It went to Santa!"


Today Kaylee started waving!  Not necessarily Bye-Bye, but waving none-the-less. I noticed her waving while she was in her stroller at the store, but thought it was nothing, until she was doing it again at my mom's house later too.

I promise I am going to catch up on posts over Christmas break......Birth announcements are also coming out with Christmas cards as well :-)