Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letters to Santa...

Kelsey just recently told us what she wants from Santa. Last night she made a wish on a star for what she wanted..."I wish I may I wish I might have my wish tonight (she doesn't remember the whole thing)..I wish Santa would bring my a Ladybug Pillow Pet" SO we told her we needed to write a letter and put it n the mailbox to let Santa know. We told her it was magic and it would automatically go to Santa's mailbox. I had her sit in my lap and we wrote her letter. I let her do most of the letters, but helped on the harder ones. Her letter said:

  I have been good. Please Bring me a pillow pet.

We then gave it a kiss and put it in the mailbox.

After he was already in bed she asked if her letter had gone yet. We hurried downstairs and outside for her to check the mailbox. She was sooooooo excited when she opened up the mailbox and it was empty. "Mommy, my letter is gone. It went to Santa!"

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