Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grampa McDonald's Birthday

It was my dad's birthday yesterday and my sister Cindy came down with her entire entourage (Uncle Chris, the 4 boys and her belly due in 2 weeks). This was the first time Aunt Cindy and her family were getting to meet little Ms. Kaylee. She tried to get down here a few times, but something has always come up with her pregnancy, so I was very excited that she would get to meet Kaylee before her own little girl arrives.

Kelsey had a great time with her cousins. She played alone for a while (which she likes to do), but eventually warmed up enough to join them in their fun. While the older boys were outside playing baseball, she wanted to go and chose a volleyball out of the garage to use as a soccer ball. She then got to go out on the dock and fish with Grampa and the boys as well. Grampa had bought some live shrimp and had that on 2 poles and then had a plastic worm on a 3rd pole which he would cast out and let the kids take turns reeling in. Nothing was biting so we all made our way in to feed the kids dinner. Towards the end of dinner, Grampa went out and found a fish on one of the lines. He had to maneuver it in since it had gotten round one of the pilings. He then called the boys out and they got to reel the fish in. As I was bringing Kelsey out he threw the line back in the water again and let her "catch" her first fish as well. She was in heaven...but a little scared of the fish when I asked her to sit down and take a picture with grampa.

We had a great day which ended with Kelsey joining the boys in a "dance, dance, everybody let's dance, dance" (a song Gramma made up when Brian was younger where the kids just dance like crazy). Fun was had by all and I think my dad had a wonderful birthday.

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