Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Girl Bed...

I have been dreading (fearing and postponing) putting Kelsey in her big girl bed. The original plan was I would start putting her in there for naps. Yeah, that has not happened because I KNOW she will nap in her crib and can't get out. With Kaylee being 7 weeks old, the time is coming closer and closer to when she is going to need to be in the crib and Kelsey out. Lou came up with a great plan, we would start putting her in for bedtime and then after a while (prob 2 weeks) move her nap to there as well. So, Sunday night, after a very very late dinner I brought Kelsey upstairs around 8:40 to start getting ready for bed. I had already told her about how she was getting a big treat tonight by sleeping in her big girl bed and we were so excited for her. When I put her in the bed under the covers I told her she was not allowed to get off of the bed or to pull the butterflies off of the wall (she did this one day when we put her in there for a nap before Kaylee was born). Daddy came up to read stories and finish the bedtime routine.

I went to check on her at one point and she was laying down snuggled under the covers and she said in a very quiet voice "I'm sorry I got out of bed mommy" She had gotten out earlier I guess to get the extra pillows I had thrown on the floor. She was asleep probably around 10ish, not too bad. In the picture she is passed out sideways on her bed.

In the morning I heard her at 7 say "it's not nighttime anymore" I delayed going to get her because I had Kaylee in my arms and Lou was dead asleep next to me. When I was able to transfer Kaylee and go see Kelsey, she had the lights on in her room, the bathroom and was running around butt naked. She had taken herself to the potty and was ready to get dressed. I got her to snuggle with me in her bed and I told her I didn't want her getting out of bed in the morning without Lou or I coming to get her. She obviously listened because today she waited for me to come get her.

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