Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Crafts


We started by decorating the house for Fall (and Kelsey will tell you it's also called Autumn) We've painted pumpkins with both paint and glue and then glitter. We've made ghosts and spiders out of pumpkins. We painted masks. We searched the yard for different types of leaves and then painted and pressed them.We've also made pumpkin bread (gluten free of course) and cooked a pumpkin. Made and decorated gluten free sugar cookies with dairy free icing. Made pompom bats and owls (and we even made some for our neighbors) We've worked on the letter P and J (for pumpkin and Jack-o-lantern)

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  1. Lori,
    I bookmarked your blog and I love reading your updates. You're such a great Mom! Your girls are really lucky!!!

    Natalie Edmondson