Monday, August 23, 2010

Kelsey's First Day of School...

We enrolled Kelsey in a Pre-3 class at a christian school. She goes Monay, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30-3:30. Today was the first day! Yesterday afternoon we took her to the meet and greet to meet her teachers, Ms. Kim and Ms. Robin. She had a good time reading books in a little rocking chair and was enthralled by the class bunny. She din't want to leave the room when it was time to o. Earlier in the week she had asked me if her teacher was sewing beds or if she could take her bed to school with her. She jst turned 3 at the beginning of August and is still a very good napper. The downside to school is that it is offered only in the afternoons :-(

This morning Lou and I kept talking to her about school and at one point she said she wanted mommy and daddy to stay in her classroom with her. uh oh! She was excited though and chose what twirly dress she wanted to wear. We've had to move lunch time up so we can get to school on time. She was very happy in the car and even waiting in line to go in. So much so that after Ms. Kim took our family 1st day picture, she went right in and we had to call her back for hugs and kisses. I was shockingly okay and didn't cry...UNTIL we got in the car and Lou put it into drive and then the waterworks turned on.
School ends at 3:30, so we woke Kaylee up from her nap and went to go pick up Kelsey. Being the first day of school we hit a few school zones with cars, but it was not as bad as I expected. You wait in a car line and when you pull up, you hold your childs name sign out your window and they come and put them in and buckle them up for you. Kelsey said she had fun and as the door shut she let out a big yawn. We had to go to Publix and Kelsey was so tired she tried to lay herhead down on the cart handle, I slid my hand in between. hen as Lou pushed the cart out to the car she was asleep sitting up and fell right back to sleep after he buckled her in. he got another 15 minutes or so in on the rest of our trip home and then Lou tried to transfer her to the couch. That was unsuccessful. She just cried and whined and was not happy. Eventually she snuggled up in my lap for a few minutes and then was ready to go with a smile on her face. All in all it was a good day (minus the whole cranky whiny no nap for Kelsey, very short nap for Kaylee who then became cranky and we put her down at 7)

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