Monday, August 2, 2010

Kelsey's 3rd birthday

Lou went to get her up this morning when we heard her on the monitor. He opened the door and starting singing "Happy Birthday" and I joined in singing through the monitor ( we have a new one that you can talk into the child's room by pressing a button..sooo cool). When we finished, she asked if she could go in the backyard to her party now. (Party is this coming weekend)
She had her 3 yr check up and we ran some errands. Before nap she and I made her cake. We made a gluten free, dairy free cake. Kelsey had fun pouring things in and mixing them.

After nap, Gma/Gpa McDonald stopped by for presents and to sing and have some cake. She had fun opening her presents and walking around in her new dress up shoes.
                                                           Pardon my horrible singing!

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