Monday, August 23, 2010

And she rolls...

Kaylee began to fuss a little as she was waking up, so I went upstairs to get her up from her morning nap. A little background, she sleeps on her belly (I know, I know they're supposed to be on their backs, but when you have a fussy baby you do what works for you). So when I get up there, this is what I I ran and grabbed the camera
Thinking this was all she was going to do, I was very impressed that she got herself on her side.Then she flipped over a little more...
And then she went all the way. I wish I had chosen to use the video, but I didn't think she was gonna go all the way over. How cool that I got to see it the first time it happened. She is 1 day shy of being 3 months old.

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