Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1st day visitors...

Dr. Dayton was so quick with the c-section that by the time I got a room, I was still very numb and couldn't feel/move my legs. But that didn't stop me from wanting to love on my girls. Before my parents returned with the girls, my good friend Julie stopped by on her way home from school. (unfortunately I do not have a picture) Then Gma/Gpa McDonald and Aunt Kellie came back and brought Kelsey to see me (and the baby). Kelsey came in carrying a rose in a cup from Gma/Gpa's neighbor. Kelsey came up in the bed with me and got to give her baby sister (no name yet) the gifts she had chosen for her. I made a lovey and a flannel blanket and I let Kelsey choose the fabrics for them. She was very excited to give them to baby. After that, Kelsey got her big sister presents...a big sister book and a Dora View Finder. This time at the hospital there were restrictions and only so many people could be checked in at a time. As my family was leaving, Lou's was arriving, so it worked out perfect. Gma Roselli came up with Aunt Christine and Uncle Gary. It was a good day, but a long day. Lou left me to go put Kelsey to bed and to let the dog's out and didn't get back until after 10. Needless too say we were both tired so names did not get discussed...there's always tomorrow. We have 2/3 of the name, we know her middle name is Brennan (my paternal grandmothers maiden name) and her last name is Roselli! In the running are Samantha, Victoria & Kaylee.

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