Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 2

Kaylee was up ALOT during the night. Since I could not get out of bed, Lou had to try to walk around with her alot because she just was not content.  He'd get her to sleep and she'd sleep for maybe an hour then be up again. So between changing diapers, me feeding her and him walking with her we did not get much sleep. At one point around 5 or 6 Lou just brought our little swaddled baby into his bed (I mean cot with lots of horrible springs) and snuggled with her and she fell asleep for a few hours.
We had no new visitors today. Mom and dad brought Kelsey back to see us and to hang out. You can see from the pictures below she is one Happy, Proud Big Sister. She was so excited to get the chance to hold the baby "by herself". We still have not chosen or talked about a name. Kelsey goes back and forth between liking Samanfa and Victoria. We planned to talk about it tonight, but again after Lou got back from putting Kelsey to bed and going back to our place to take care of the dogs, he got back around 10:30 and was exhausted. So we both just went to bed. I had written the names on the dry erase board in the room so we could see them all written out. One of the nurses commented that all three names were from different genres. We did eliminate one spelling of Kayleigh. Lou had wanted me to rank them, but I told him honestly I would be happy with any of them so he needed to rank them and tell me his rankings.

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