Friday, May 21, 2010

The Weekend Befour...

(I know I spelled before wrong) The weekend (2 days actually) before we became a family of four, we took Kelsey to the beach. Our favorite beach, Bathtub Beach, was supposed to be re-opened. When we got their the parking lot was still closed off, so we parked a little further up the beach and just walked there...many other people obviously did the same thing. We knew with a newborn we would not be able to take Kelsey back to the beach for a while. She enjoyed herself walking with daddy, playing and digging in the sand, and sitting in the shallow water dropping shells and making them splash. I got a few comments from people on how nice it was to see a pregnant (very pregnant) woman who didn't care what other people thought and was wearing a bikini. I was only wearing one because heck I was having a baby in 2 days and really didn't care anymore! LOL However, no pictures of me were to be taken ;-P Afterwards we drove to some shaded picnic tables and had a picnic before heading to Gma/Gpa McDonald's house to see family. My Aunt Robin, Uncle Jeff, cousin Amanda and sister Cindy and her family were all there.

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