Monday, November 29, 2010

6 Month Appointment...

Was a little disappointing... Her length and head circumference are holding steady on the chart (length is still at 50%) However her weight is not doing well. She was at 13 lbs 4 oz. Since she is eating rice cereal and just started solids, I had dropped off the "forced" tube feeding about 2 weeks ago. Dr. Chiong's advice was to add back in the feeding (10 kcal per ounce) and to add a tsp of safflower oil to her food (~40 kcal). He said 50-60 kcals extra per day would do alot with her size. He wanted to follow up with her in 2 weeks for a weight check. He said if she wasn't gaining he wanted to start testing her for celiacs and other things.

She was a little congested, but she got her shots and just like last time, she threw up the next morning all over her crib. Then the next day she was throwing up as well and had a slight fever. Her cough and congestion got worse over the weekend. On Wed, I took her in for a sick appointment to make sure it was not in her lungs. She had lost weight and was down to 13 lbs. My heart sank. The PA suggested upping her solids to 3 times a day, and I added oil to all 3, plus 2 scoops of formula in her night cereal as well. Since she had been sick they wanted to give her 3 weeks to get over it and start gaining. I was now a nervous wreck. 3 weeks...I'm praying she will have gained in those 3 weeks and we won't have to test.

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