Monday, September 20, 2010

We have a speller..

We work on letters and words at home, but I let Kelsey take the lead. If she wants to work on practicing letters, then we do...but I don't push it. So far we've worked on the letter A, B, E. Along with the help of the Leap Frog videos, she has learned about letters and their sounds and the beginning of how to put words together. We have worked on mainly 3 letter words like cat, hat, bat, pig, big, met, set, etc.

This past weekend we were at my parents house. Kelsey was playing nicely by herself with her drawing board. I walked outside to get some water and she told Gma that she had written cat, but mom didn't see. When I came in  heard her say I wrote hat, so I went to see what she had done and was blown away. She did this on her own with no prompting. I'm pretty amazed everyday at what she knows.

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