Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloth Diapering...

So far it is going really well. We (I) have just started using cloth for bedtime too about a week ago. I had held out because Kaylee wasn't sleeping through the night and I wasn't sure if she was wet (so easy to feel the jelly feeling in disposables) Right now I am using rainforest babies at night with a bamboo soaker pad on the bottom and their stay dry fleece topper on top. So far, no leaks and no waking up from being wet!

I have built most of my stash from deals on deal sites. I got some great deals on Fuzzi Bunz from Mother of a sale (they have daily deals as well as lots of child related products on sale everyday) and  I got my Rainforest Babies from Olivia Place, and I got some awesome deals on laundry size wet bags (but for the life of me can't remember for sure where from - I think it may have been mother of a sale again) On Mama Bargains I also got an EcoBumz, which I really like too. I also found a WAHM who runs a business (Go Green Pocket Diapers), to help people get affordable CDs. They have just improved their basic pocket diapers and they have a new awesome diaper called the Champ (it has color coded snaps, double gussets and a front and back opening and a snap in insert) With all the deals I really have not paid more than $9-$11 for a diaper, except for my splurge on a PLUMP diaper. I love it!! And would love to splurge on more as they are so cute and comfy.

I have had a few friends ask for info...I am definitely no expert as I have only been doing this for a few months. I am going to paste my FB message to them below (mainly so I can point people here instead of searching for it on FB and copying and sending it again)

So I had thought about cloth diapering, but had too much going on post c-section and recovery to even think about it. I just started a few months ago and has been good. My hubby is not 100% on board b/c he can't get the hang of it. I have a few different types and in his defense with his work schedule this go around, he really doesn't change enough to get comfortable with them. Most of my CD's have snaps because I think they are more durable (if we were to have a 3rd child) Other friends had told me their velcro was wearing out. I did buy 6 Aplix (velcro) diapers from Bum Genius for Lou to use. Most of my diapers are called one size, so they can be used from birth (No way with how tiny Kaylee was) to potty training. I do have some Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit smalls and mediums b/c I got them on one of the deal websites for a good price. I have chosen to use what are called pocket diapers. I stuff an insert in the pocket (that's what absorbs the pee) and then they just snap/velcro on like a disposable would. Pretty easy. When you change them, you are supposed to take the insert out and then you put the insert and the diaper in a wet bag. I also have used gDiapers as well. They are pretty easy too and even have biodegradable inserts you can flush down the toilet too. I have yet to use CD at night though b/c Kaylee has not been sleeping through the night and I wanted to know if she was waking up b/c she was wet. With cloth it is harder to tell, you can't just touch it and feel it all jelly like with the disposable.

Then every 2-3 days you empty the wet bag into the wash (and throw the wet bag in as well) I do a 25 min cold water rinse and then A regular hot wash with an extra rinse cycle and detergent. You have to use special detergents. I use Rockin' Green, but there a bunch of ones that other people recommend as well. Then the inserts go in the dryer on low heat and the shells (or diapers) hang to dry to help them last longer.

Poop is obviously the worst part. For the most part you can just flip it off into the toilet. Then put the diaper in the bag. Some people do this swish technique to get messy ones cleaned off, others have a diaper sprayer (it connects somehow to the toilet). I actually use my Mud sink in the laundry room. We really use it for nothing, so I turn on the hot water and rinse, sometimes using a little nail brush if something won't come off. Then every so often I throw some bleach in the sink after to kill any bacteria.

Here's a website my sister found and we have both been using diapers from them I actually just got one of their new diapers (The Champ) and I really like it alot.

Besides saving lots of $$ (over the long run b/c their is the initial investment you have to make in purchasing them), helping to not fill our landfills, they are super cute to boot! I saw a calculation that says on average you spend $800-$1000 a year on disposables. Depending on the kind/brand and # you buy, you could prob spend $200-300 on the diapers and be done. You also should have a travel wet bag for when you go out so you have a place to put the dirty diaper and a bigger wet bag or pail liner for at home. You are not supposed to use diaper rash creams with them. Some people use clot wipes (which I think I may do soon) b/c you can just wipe and put them in the diaper and don't have to throw them away separately.

In all it is a little more work, but I think it's really not too bad (and I was worried b/c I have a very bad gag reflex). I do laundry every 2-3 days. The worst is the obsession with buying cute diapers!!

I'll find some other link for you and send them. I know there is a blog, Doable Diapers, that recently did a CD 101 . The link is to part 1, the other 2 were posted in January, so just look on the archives on the right.

There are 2 new diapers coming to market. Hopefully with the help of Mother of a Sale, I will get to test and review them! So Stay tuned....

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